Wednesday Ramblings

Have you ever heard of a bread store? I grew up in a small town where we had two grocery stores and a bakery. There weren’t specialty food stores and there sure as heck wasn’t a bread store.

I laughed the first time a friend told me about it. A store dedicated to selling just bread?! That’s crazy!

But it’s true. I’ll never spend more than 60cents on a loaf of regular white sandwich bread and I’ll never spend more than $1 for that special healthy multi-grain bread.

Sometimes these stores are disguised by a name including the word ‘bakery’, but they aren’t filled with long johns and bismarcks, just shelves and shelves of bread, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, bagels, etc.

My neighborhood bread store often has promotions such as bring in a can of food and get a loaf for free. What a great way to exchange those nonperishable kidney beans that nobody will ever eat for a loaf of bread that will be gone in three days!


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