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Wednesday Ramblings

Have you ever heard of a bread store? I grew up in a small town where we had two grocery stores and a bakery. There weren’t specialty food stores and there sure as heck wasn’t a bread store.

I laughed the first time a friend told me about it. A store dedicated to selling just bread?! That’s crazy!

But it’s true. I’ll never spend more than 60cents on a loaf of regular white sandwich bread and I’ll never spend more than $1 for that special healthy multi-grain bread.

Sometimes these stores are disguised by a name including the word ‘bakery’, but they aren’t filled with long johns and bismarcks, just shelves and shelves of bread, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, bagels, etc.

My neighborhood bread store often has promotions such as bring in a can of food and get a loaf for free. What a great way to exchange those nonperishable kidney beans that nobody will ever eat for a loaf of bread that will be gone in three days!


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Wednesday Ramblings

“Sometimes an ‘adventure in savings’ is a bad adventure.”

Since MC’s a super picky eater, I shouldn’t have been surprised at all when she refused to eat the Oven Denver Omelet I made.

I ran the recipe past her before I started cooking and she thought she’d like it. She took one bite and asked if she could make a sandwich instead.

I couldn’t understand it. Eggs, cheese, ham, hashbrowns… all edible in her world. Then I took a bite. There was something horribly wrong with the dish. She wasn’t just being picky this time, she was making a smart decision to quit eating something that tasted like a mix between plastic and unscented all-purpose cleaner.

After my first bite, I kept taking tiny bites to try and figure out where on earth that nasty taste was coming from. Then it hit me: I used a generic non-stick spray on the casserole dish. It was the only thing that made sense.

I’ve heard that saying “You get what you pay for.” And in this case, it was so true. I’m a big fan of saving money by buying generic or store brand items, but from now on I’ll always splurge on name brand cooking spray.

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Wednesday Ramblings

“I love it that you’re a dork like me.”

Today when I got all excited about how many (usable for our family) grocery items were on sale, GW came over, gave me a hug and said “I love it that you’re a dork like me… We just don’t get excited about the same things.”

That’s one thing I absolutely love about him. I can jump for joy over saving money on groceries and he’ll jump for joy with me. He could really care less about my savings, he just loves my excitement.

So weekly grocery flyers came out today and I got a head start on my menu for next week. Usually I write down 3/4 of a page of sale items, but this week I had over 1 1/2 pages! I’m only giving the girls one night each to pick a meal and hope to try a few new meals. Normally I limit myself to one new recipe a week, so I hope the ones I pick for next week are edible or we’re all going to starve.

I’m Most Excited About…

Chili – 89cents plus a 55cent/2 coupon
Pork spare ribs – 1.29/lb
I have a Chili Cheese Cornbread recipe I’ve been wanting to try so I think now is the time. I need to find a recipe for pork spare ribs since I’m sure they’ll go great with this dish.

Turkey breast – $1.29/lb
Split chicken breast – 99cents/lb

Since MC’s the only one who actually got to eat turkey for the holidays, none of us are burned out on it. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with the turkey but I have a great Orange Chicken recipe.

Fruit pot pies – 39cents
Hershey’s candy bars – 29cents

We’ll all be treated next week to two nights of dessert. We don’t usually do dessert, but when we do it’s more than just a simple little candy bar. I’m sure I’ll get some silly eye rolls when I pull them out, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Mangos – 88cents
I’ve never had a mango. GW and JT have never had a mango and I’m positive MC has never even heard the word “mango”. So I’ve decided we’re all going to try one.

Pasta – 69cents
What?! That’s crazy! We really don’t need pasta but I’ll stock up anyway 🙂

5lb potatoes – 88cents

If we can use up the 3 lbs we have left from last week then I’ll pick these up. Can you freeze potatoes? I’d hate to miss out on this price just because we don’t need them NOW.

V05 Shampoo – 69cents

I usually stick with Suave, but my hair has a mind of it’s own 95% of the time so I’m not picky when shampoo goes on sale.

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