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Goodwill Mission ~ Week 2

I finally found the three most important boxes that went missing when we moved. Cookbooks and pots and pans!!! I’m so excited to have uncovered my cookbooks and my good cookware. Well, I didn’t uncover them, MC came across them while searching for some of her stuff. What a great surprise! In the midst of all my excitement, I was still able to fill my Goodwill box.

kitchen caddy… books… comforters… vhs tapes… clothing…

The garage is looking a little less cluttered. I figure by the time summer rolls around my car will finally have a home 🙂


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Goodwill Mission ~ Week 1

Last week wasn’t as productive as I hoped it’d be. It wasn’t that I was lazy, it was just to darn cold to be hanging out in the garage scrounging through boxes. I did, however, fill my Goodwill box.

binder… books… curtains… clothing and towels… picture frame

I happened to notice I have an insurmountable number of boxes filled with books out in the garage. As I go through these, my plan is to catalog the books and say goodbye. I figure if I haven’t read them by now, I probably never will. I’m not much of a reader these days, unless it’s a cookbook 🙂 Besides, if I ever get in the mood to read any of these book, there’s a library right down the street.

Check out Menu Plan Monday for this week’s give-away.

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Goodwill, Here I Come!

When we moved last November, I vowed to get rid of all the crap I don’t need and never use.

I ended up getting rid of about 50% of all the crap I don’t need and never use. The rest is boxed up in the garage, robbing my car of it’s nice, warm, comfy bed.

Although my car is an old junker, it treats me well and I can only imagine it will continue to treat me well if I do the same for it.

Also, we have a deep freeze (I’ve never owned one until now) that’s currently living with a friend of ours because there’s just no room for it at our house.

My plan? One box a week to Goodwill. It can’t be that hard, can it?

Starting next week and every Sunday after, I’ll post a list of items that Goodwill can expect to receive on Monday. If I come across anything that I think will be useful to my fellow Simplifiers, I’ll post a give-away announcement with my Menu Plan Monday post.

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