Frugal Living

Why Strive For Frugality?

In 2009 my income dropped 5% and I started paying more attention to where my money was going. We made a couple small changes. We only ate out when we had coupons and started shopping at consignment shops.

Then in 2010 my income dropped another 60%! I was in disbelief. I went into survival mode. I started using coupons for more than just eating out, was suddenly vigilant about buying only what was on sale and our travels came to a screeching halt.

While I’ve cut my bills down drastically and my savings is slowly growing despite my cut in income, I’m always searching for more tips and tricks to lower my bills and give me some extra money.

If you’re on the same quest as I am, check out some of my favorite Frugal Friends to get you started.

Michelle at Better Budgeting

Frugal Cooking

Cooking at home is one of the easiest ways to save money. Add to that shopping the sales, coupons and menu planning and you’re on your way to cutting your weekly grocery bill in half!

There are so many websites to help you cook on a budget. Check out some of my favorites.



For my recipes and tips for cooking on a budget, check out my posts in the Frugal Cooking category.


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